Custom Made Portable Piano

We notice on occasion that V&F is approached by fans and organizers who love the idea of using our duo for entertainment but cannot afford either the space or expense of bringing in a grand or upright piano for their event.

We spent some time thinking about this and finally made the decision to build our own portable V&F piano that will offer the aesthetic appeal of having a piano-on-stage appearance. 

Combined 002

We searched online and offline for the right components to get our preferred look. Ivan took care of the foundations and constructed the piano legs and base board. Oriana used her architectural skills to 'moonlight' and produce state-of-the-art designs for the body panels. She carefully carved out the shapes, embossed a gold V&F logo for the final touch and voilà!

This was a super fun project and we are still coming up with an official nickname for this unique instrument, suggestions are welcome! We are delighted that V&F can now reach any desired venue with a convenient assembly time of only 8 mins!

Keep an eye out in future for the next "off the beaten track" V&F concert. 😉

Combined 003

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