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Nikkei Annual Community Awards & Fundraiser

Vino & Forte - 2016We were delighted to perform at the stunning Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre last Saturday in support of a community celebration, where over 250 supporters, friends and families gathered to honour four Nikkei community leaders for their immense contribution to building a strong and vibrant Japanese Canadian community across British Columbia.

Complimenting our diverse repertoire, we were joined by the passionate dancer Marilu Vallejo and her reputable flamenco flair! 🙂 
Vino & Forte - 2016Visit our GALLERY to see more pictures 🙂

The V&F Custom Made Portable Piano!

As we happily continue to receive requests, we notice on occasion that V&F is approached by fans and organizers who love the idea of using our duo for entertainment but cannot afford either the space or expense of bringing in a beautiful grand/upright piano for their event.

We spent some time thinking about this and finally made the decision to take V&F on the road like any other band or quartet but also strive to maintain the aesthetic appeal of having a piano-on-stage appearance. As a result, the idea to build our own affordable V&F portable piano was born!

Combined 002

We searched online and 'offline' for the right components to get our preferred look. Ivan took care of the foundations and constructed the piano legs and base board. Oriana used her architectural skills to 'moonlight' and produce state-of-the-art designs for the body panels. She carefully carved out the shapes, embossed a gold V&F logo for the final touch and voilà!

This was a super fun project and we are still coming up with an official nickname for this unique instrument, your suggestions are welcome! We are happy that V&F can now reach any desired venue (except perhaps the peak of Everest) with a convenient assembly time of only 8 mins!

Keep an eye out in future for the next "off the beaten track" V&F concert! 😉

Combined 003

Album Release Concert 2014

Dear V&F Friends,

We hope you are enjoying the beginning of Winter with these bright and sunny days. As we reach the finishing stages of our new 2014 album "Serenade", we are also looking forward to our Album Release Concert on Wednesday December 10th at Hycroft!

We had a fantastic time at the recording session last month. Below is an amusing sneak preview for you to enjoy! We recommend purchasing tickets in advance as we are already half full (not half empty ;).

We look forward to 'serenading' you soon!


Concert in the Courtyard

Dear Friends & Fans,

We hope you are well and enjoying the Summer of 2014. The last eight months have been a busy and enjoyable time for V&F with requests to perform for local recitals and events in and around BC.

One of our favourite venues to date is Ravencourt B&B, an artistic and creatively designed post and beam straw-bale mansion located in the gorgeous Slocan Valley within the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada. We were certainly in for a pleasant surprise when Dorothea Schlichting and Peter Hauser invited V&F to be part of their 2014 Summer series of eclectic house concerts.


Surrounded by wilderness with sounds from the nearby creek and occasional birds chirping, Ravencourt B&B is a collection of charming little details. On a hot summer's day, the main living areas welcome a comfortable cool breeze, which is served by the beautiful inner courtyard where our concert took place, a spacious atrium with overlooking balconies and forest backdrop.

Oriana White and Ivan Tucakov - performance at Ravencourt, Slocan Valley, BCIt is worth mentioning that we chose the 'Vino' part of our duo name specifically because we delight in the idea of supporting local wines for our guests to enjoy with the music. Peter also loved the idea and went to great efforts to organize an incredible wine tasting event as part of the concert! He invited the regional owner to tell his story and introduce the wines personally to the guests, which we felt created the perfect Vino & Forte ambience. We were also astounded by the sense of community as people flowed in the doors for a pre-concert glass of wine.

Overall, we would like to thank our wonderful hosts for their hospitality and also the engaging audience who brought a family atmosphere to this warm musical evening. If you are ever in the area, make sure to visit

We hope you enjoy our latest V&F video illustrating the natural beauty and serenity of Ravencourt B&B, with excerpts from our performance of Schubert's Serenade and Ivan's flamenco inspired composition Dulces Suenos. Capturing moments of the stunning skies surrounding the Slocan Valley, we sincerely hope to return for another Concert in the Courtyard in the near future!

Ivan & Oriana

p.s. An unprecedented and amusing quote from Oriana post-concert: "I have never had a puppy walk on stage and tickle my elbow mid-performance! That piece really required concentration". 🙂

V&F Donation to the Philippines Emergency Relief

typhoon haiyan bbc After hearing about the devastating aftermath of the super-typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, we have decided to give 25% from our upcoming December 12th concert proceeds toward Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) emergency relief program.

Besides offering support, our aim is to raise awareness in our community about the scope of this disaster and to encourage everyone to make a donation, no matter how small.

More so, we hope that our culture across the globe will look closely into the science behind global warming, which indicates further catalyzation of much greater storms in recent years. This way we can start treating them as 'human induced disasters' rather than purely 'natural disasters' and begin to take our everyday lifestyle decisions more carefully in regards to how we contribute to all this.

Hope this message finds you and all our friends from the Philippines well.

See you all at Pyatt Hall in Downtown Vancouver on December 12th, starting 6pm.

Ivan & Oriana

Mozart meets Jules Verne at the 2013 VIFF Opening Gala

VIFF Opening Gala 2013 - Vino & Forte

We had a spectacular time at this year's Vancouver International Film Festival opening gala. We were invited to perform at the prestigious Vancouver Club and the theme of the evening turned out to be "Mozart meets Jules Verne" and Vino & Forte is all about taking that journey around the world in 80 different musical styles. 🙂

Apparently, George Clooney was invited to attend so Oriana played the piano that evening with unsurpassed passion!!!

Thank you to the gala producer and artistic director Barb for the fantastic evening and the invitation to be part of this event, we're now looking forward to checking out some of the upcoming VIFF movies!

See you at the next gathering!

Ivan & Oriana

A Spontaneous Seawall Rehearsal!

Ivan Tucakov and Oriana White Vancouver Public PianoIf you take a bike ride along the seawall in Vancouver, you will come across a very pleasant surprise. CityStudio, in collaboration with the City of Vancouver have set up several outdoor public pianos for anyone to play freely at anytime of the day. We came across this surprise on our way back from a local performance so we promptly stopped and played a few V&F compositions.

What a grand experience it was to be able to play music to random passers-by with the fresh ocean air breeze and the red sun slowly setting over this beautiful city. Thank you CItyStudio for the “Keys to the Street" project. It was a pleasure to have this experience and we are sure to pass by there a few more times in the upcoming month so we can top up the rehearsals for our next show in September!

p.s. And to all those piano students out there, Oriana sends a friendly suggestion to be kind and light with those Middle C, E and G piano keys! 😉

New Website & New Concert!

Sep 12, 2013 - Vino & Forte - Jazz Cellar, VancouverA warm summer's welcome to the official V&F website!

We are very excited to announce the details of our next live performance on 12th September 2013. This is your opportunity to wine and dine while being serenaded by an intricate blend of classical piano and flamenco guitar at one of Vancouver’s most intimate music venues, the Jazz Cellar.

Weaving our individual styles and compositions into a swirl of classical and Balkan-flamenco sounds, we will present an evening of harmonious music dating from 17th Century to the present day with the addition of Viennese, Hungarian and Argentinian numbers to our current repertoire.

Come and join us for this unique concert experience with candlelit tables and ambient atmosphere. All ages are welcome and there will be a full bar service and à la carte menu available before the performance and during intermission.

Doors will open at 6:30pm and the music will start around 8pm. Tickets are $20 on the night and table reservations are recommended. However, there is a 2 for $30 (or $25 with a child) deal available now until 1st September so purchase your tickets in advance and receive complimentary reserved seating!

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy our new website.